Covid-19 and Wills

The covid-19 pandemic has caused people to be afraid and the thought of becoming ill and dying is frightening. If you live in Alberta, you don't have to see a lawyer to prepare a will. You can write your own will as long as it is wholly in your own handwriting dated and signed by you at the bottom. This is referred to as a holograph will and no witness is necessary. Wills are very important and lawyers have valuable knowledge to help you but at this time when we must practice strict social distancing, rest assured that, if you are unable to see a lawyer, you can prepare your own will. If you choose to see a lawyer to prepare a formal will then that will must be witnessed in-person with two witnesses present at the same time when you sign. These witnesses must not be beneficiaries or Personal Representatives. For in-person meetings the Law Society of Alberta recommends that lawyers practice social distancing and has made recommendations to accomplish this including lawyers being present in a different room watching the signing or standing two meters away from their client’s car to witness signatures. The recommendations can be found on the Alberta Law Society site Covid-19 FAQs